Staking your ADA is really easy. In this post we will go through the steps required to stake with us on the Yoroi mobile app and desktop Daedalus app.

Yoroi app

First you’ll need to download the app either for your phone or chrome. If you’re using a hardware wallet such as Ledger, we would recommend you download this as a chrome extension. If you decide to use the mobile app this is still safe, and is secured using a 15 word recovery phrase and finger print recognition.

Step 1. Choose your language

Step 2. Read and agree the terms of service

Step 3. Create a pin

Step 4. You have two choices, to add a Shelley-Era wallet and a Byron-Era wallet. Shelley and Byron refer to the Cardano eras and therefore mark periods of time in the Cardano roadmap. If you have previously created a wallet for Cardano prior to the 7th of July 2020 you will require to restore a Byron era wallet. However for most people this will be their first Yoroi wallet and therefore the Shelley Era wallet is the one to go for.

Step 5. Create a wallet name and your spending password (this will be your password required to stake and delegate your ADA).

Step 6. Write down your recovery phrase

Step 7. Confirm your recoverry phrase

Step 8. Search for elementalpools in the delegation section or type our ticker for the Radon pool (EPXRN)

The video below explains how to install